When flavours become patterns – Design trends for 2019

We are staring a series of posts about design trends we have been noticing for the year of 2019.

You might be wondering where do these trends come from and why they are so relevant?

Just like in fashion, graphic design trends are part of a movement, they become a visual vocabulary consumers become accustomed to, therefore they are more acceptable and open doors for new innovative aesthetics to be widely spread until the moment they become common and other innovative ideas take their place.

The first trend we’ll showcase and talk about is the use of patterns to represent flavours when creating product packaging. If you are an illustrator or a vector junkie, just like we are here at Glove, you are going to love this trend.

During the 70’s and 80’s, flavours have been represented in packaging mostly by a single colour and it’s been very one-dimensional since then. You know… Red for strawberry, brown for chocolate, green for mint and so on.

What we are seeing this year is a break of this mold that gets your eyes popping and your taste buds excited, where companies and their designers are creating and integrating patterns in their package design, that metaphorically combine their branding with the tastes that are part of the actual product.

We absolutely love this trend and we are pretty sure that now that you are aware of it you’ll be noticing it a lot more.

Images source: Pinterest