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360 Degree Agency. Translating a well-rounded brand to the digital world.

360 Degree Agency brand’s concept has a holistic approach to the international exchange student’s experience. They, as an agency, take care of everything from the departure to the moment the student arrives in Australia.

The graphic designer, Fernanda Porto, has done an amazing job at translating the company’s vision and values to a visual language and it was our due to keep up with the excellent job done when it came to designing their website.

We’ve brought the brand devices to life, tackling this challenge with a metaphorical approach in mind. We’ve made huge use of effects such as loop, parallax, spinning, rotation and smooth fluidity, whenever the context allowed us  – of course.

The website is fully responsive keeping functionality and usability to a maximum on whichever device it is accessed from.

The result you can see on the link below.




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360 Degree Agency


December, 2018

When is the right time to rebrand?

The answer is simple: You will feel the need to rebrand. Especially when you consider scaling.  You have worked tirelessly to be where you are now and need to raise your brand to the level of your service/product’s standards. A good advice when looking for a Brand agency is to have your business plan quite handy because that would make the whole process much quicker.

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