Shared economy for Aupairs.

Aupaired is a Sydney-based digital startup that builds a bridge between Hosting families and Aupairs. Yes, we are talking Shared economy for Aupairs. This case study is the classic example of how Glove Ideas’ expertise come hand-in-hand when building an online platform from the ground up.

In this project, we’ve created a familiar and heart-warming brand, we’ve helped them develop their business values proposition, brand map, strapline as well as all the visual and digital assets for their mobile app. A service we’ve been calling “Digital branding guidelines”.

Simultaneously, our UX team has worked hard in putting together a well-thought-out user journey, concepts and wireframes for the 3-ends of the platform: AuPair’s Interface + Host’s Interface + Aupaired’s Admin / CMS.

Once the UX was fully approved, it was time for our team to marry the incredible brand with functionality. We, then, design the App’s UI, put together a prototype and have handed over to their own technical team. The client was very pleased with the final look and we simply can’t wait to test see it live.


Brand Development
Art Direction


UX Design
UI Design




January, 2018

Aupaired Branding and Guidelines

UI Design

Aupaired UX Design

Iconography and brand design assets


Social media assets


Aupaired Brand Development

Aupaired App UI Design

Do I need a logo or a brand?

What’s the difference between a “Logo” design and a “Brand”? The main distinction between logo design and brand development is the depth of the project and everything that’s taken into consideration. When we create a brand, we work with many layers. It goes beyond the aesthetics. There’s a need for consistency and rules that will allow scalability. Whereas a logo, when done by itself, needs to be able to summarise a concept, a thought or an aesthetic within one symbol. That’s why a solid brand study is so important for any business to succeed.

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