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Be Ozzy Agency. Foreseeing a brilliant future through international students exchange program.

The brand we’ve created for Be Ozzy Agency is so simple and yet it opens so many windows and opportunities to have fun when it comes to creating content for social.

We have transformed the letter B into a window, in which students are able to envision how an exchange program is able to transform their lives.

With our social media management approach, we try to stay as close as we can with the audience, informing, being honest, having fun and holding their hand for every moment of the journey.

Our responsibilities are: Content creation, design, weekly editorial calendar, creative direction, talent and influencers management. And the result you can see at




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Be Ozzy Agency


December, 2019

When is the right time to rebrand?

The answer is simple: You will feel the need to rebrand. Especially when you consider scaling.  You have worked tirelessly to be where you are now and need to raise your brand to the level of your service/product’s standards. A good advice when looking for a Brand agency is to have your business plan quite handy because that would make the whole process much quicker.

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