College of Sports & Fitness

CSF, with us since the beginning.

CSF (College of Sports and Fitness) has been with us since 2005. In 2011
we’ve worked together on a major rebrand. Why this process was so important? CSF back then was about to offer a new variety of courses and was going through physical changes in their campus. The perfect opportunity for a new brand and a facelift. Glove Ideas then developed the new make and very meticulous guidelines. We have also worked alongside CSF in additional marketing campaigns, digital creative, VR activation, their new website, hype film and interior design.


Brand Development
Creative Direction
Video Direction
Interior Design


VR Glasses
Google Cardboard
Website Design
UI Design


CSF – College of Sports and Fitness


November, 2012


Is it simple to put together a 360 VR tour?

In order to produce VR content for a virtual tour, first of all, you will need to be able to shoot in 360. There’s a great variety of affordable cameras that shoot 360 in the market as well as rigs that combine multiple GoPro cameras and, certainly, won’t compromise quality. After the footage is produced, stitched together and edited, it’s time to decide which VR device will be used by your audience. Again you can use more robust solutions such as Oculus Rift or simply go with Google Cardboard – similar to the one we’ve used for CSF. The users will be able to insert their own smartphones into the cardboard sleeve and with an appropriate software, they’ll be able to be immersed in a fairly simple but impressive virtual tour.

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