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Here at Glove, we are proud to say creativity is our forte. Digital and branding. If you think about creating amazing and eye-catching interactive experiences that are good-looking, functional and work well you can tell there’s a lot that comes with it. The possibilities are endless. Our vast experience, scalability, global presence and creativity are the pillars that support us from early steps to implementation.


Websites & App Design

From the most basic interactive form, to corporate websites, the next big startup, and interactive microsites, we can do it all. We start by learning about your problem, so we can come up with a functional, effective and responsive solution that fits your budget and your dreams.



A whole new world, seeing from the outside in and from the inside out. VR and AR are immersive technologies, each one in their own way. When it comes to VR, we are able to flesh out fully virtual solutions through 3D modelling and also combining 360 Footage with a digital interactive interface. AR experiences vary from personal experiences (through mobile devices and smaller screens), gaming, and also public activations with the use of cameras, AR trigger-points and bringing the world around us to life.


UX Design

User Experience is the core process behind interactions and improvement of its quality between users and multiple facets of a business. Especially in Digital. Usually, before jumping on a digital project and in order for it to be precise, lest costly and effective we go through a UX process: Research, testing, development, content, and prototyping to test for quality results. One of the advantages of hiring UX services before designing a Mobile app, for example, is that you are able to have wireframes and even a prototype in order to present to designers or the team of developers who’ll build it.


Brand & Digital Experieces

Whether by creating an insightful in-store experience or delivering an amazing event for hundreds of people, Glove Ideas can help you bring to life unforgettable moments through digital technology. Our team counts on events producers, experience designers and staff to assist you from start to finish – worry-free.


Creative Direction

With over 15 years of experience working for Advertising companies, and knowing we have the right connections, we are able to take on any creative brief, whether they are a product photo shoot, storyboarding or scripting a short film, tvc, making video clips, designing interiors, coming up with activations, events, print design, merchandising or outdoor.



With a strong background in branding, our team has the ability to take any job from inception to completion with proven creative cut-through experience in branding, printing and related areas: publishing, typography, printing, packaging, art direction, POS and printing management.


Web & UI Design

Magic happens when we combine the brands we make, the learnings we have through a User Experience process and we turn into UI (User Interface).  When it comes to Web Design, we are able to come up with great solutions for Mobile Apps, Digital POS, Responsive Websites and Microsites, from both angles functionality and aesthetics. We are able to develop websites utilising WordPress or Custom-made CMS, from scratch, iOS and Android solutions with React Native.


Video & Animation

If an image is worth 1000 words, a video is worth a million of them. Here at Glove we are proud to say we have an amazing team of Motion Designers, Animators and Editors that will be able to produce world-class video and animations that will make your product look sexy.


Social Media Content

Good-looking, bite-sized, quick and witty content. We love it! Here at Glove we understand social and that’s why we support so many clients when it comes to designing and creating content that is not only in brand but supports marketing strategies on a regular basis.

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“I love working with Glove Ideas. Whenever we have a digital brief here in our agency I know I can always count on them. They’re the best!”
Cinthia Bilescky
PIM Group

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